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“Is Alcoholics Anonymous biblical?” Hear Mark’s answer on the Moody Radio Network

Today, on the Moody Radio Network, Dr. Mark E. Shaw and Ken B., son of Dick B., were invited to debate the topic, “Is AA biblical?” You can listen to the full LIVE call-in debate show, with host Julie Roys, that happened today, May 14, 2016, at this link.

Up For Debate

Also if you scroll down on that same link you can see another link to ACBC’s podcast in which Heath Lambert candidly interviewed Mark as well about the same topic back in February of this year.

Editor’s note, April 2018: The weblinks have since been moved (and thus updated). Now the ACBC podcast with Dr. Shaw and Dr. Lambert entitled, “The Bible and Alcoholics Anonymous” can be found here.

Mark is faithfully seizing opportunities to speak God’s truth in love to all who come across his path. Keep praying for souls to find Jesus and be free from the enslaving habits of sin, through Jesus Christ alone.

~Mary (Thankful to be Mark’s wife for this life and a Daughter of the King forever)