When we define worship as extreme, extravagant devotion to an object, ask yourself this question: Do you worship a sport, or a sport’s team? In other words, are you extremely devoted to your sport’s team in a way that you sacrifice your time, resources, and talents simply to promote sports or to follow a team?

That’s convicting to many of us in Alabama who plan out our weekends according to when Alabama or Auburn is playing. It becomes a time-consuming, expensive event.

I wish we would tail-gate for worship of the Lord. Imagine how cool it would be on a Sunday to have everyone out at the stadium (either at Bama or AU or both!), worshipping together, camping out, cooking, eating, fellowshipping together, talking about Jesus, reading His Word, praying for each other, lifting each other up, challenging each other to keep our eyes on Him and not ourselves, planning how we can better serve our community, and planning international missions trips. Make it an all day or all weekend event!

Picture what you do for a ball game and replace that one-time event with the everlasting praise and worship of the King of Kings.

That’s what I call worship.

-Mark (wanting us to care more about Him and His agenda than our own)