A song I love to listen to right now is Jars of Clay’s “Two Hands.”

The lyrics I especially like are:

“I use one hand to pull You close and the other to push You away – If I had two hands doing the same thing, lifted high, lifted high.”

Isn’t that a description of our sinful nature warring against the Holy Spirit within us – one hand competes against our other hand?

I especially love the words “lifted high” referring to worshipping God which is our purpose. According to I Cor. 10:31b, we are to¬†“do all to the glory of God.” We are to worship Him with all that we are in all that we do!

Isn’t it great to know that when our two hands do the same thing by submitting to the Holy Spirit to serve Christ by serving others that we are WORSHIPPING Him!

-Mark (grateful for the many opportunities God gives me to serve, worship, and glorify Christ)