I received this in an email about Birmingham:

“Thought you might find this interesting:I think this was in our Western Recorder (Baptist State Paper).
Most generous U.S. city named: Birmingham, Ala., ranks as the most generous city in America, according to a study that measured percentage of household income given to charity in 60 metropolitan areas. Birmingham-area residents give 3.6 percent of their household income to charity, just ahead of several other Southern cities, the study noted. Memphis, Tenn., was second at 3.4 percent, and Columbia S.C. was third with 3.2 percent.  The study was conducted by the Tijeras Foundation in Albuquerque, N.M., a city that incidentally ranked fourth from the bottom, ahead of San Antonio, Pittsburgh and Tampa, Fla. The foundation supports church organizations, including help with fund raising and financial management skills.”

The above statement is only for RECORDED giving and I would argue that people here in B’ham give even more than that. That’s been our experience!

I guess it’s a good thing we started this ministry in Birmingham since we do not accept insurance payments and do not have any state or federal money or grants! We are totally dependent upon the Lord to move in the hearts of mankind to support this ministry – and He is doing it! Praise the Lord!

We also thank all of you for contributing to the Lord’s ministry through Truth in Love! We have watched Him increase our contributions all year long!

-Mark (God is faithful)