Recently, I have had the pleasure to witness the Lord’s amazing power in 4 separate situations involving family members and their addicted loved ones. The Lord DIVINELY INTERVENED in all of these situations to either save the addict OR to bring the person back to Himself.

Last year, I had a book published called Divine Intervention: Hope and Help for Families of Addicts in which I recommend that family members stop attempting to control an “out of control” addicted loved one for the purpose of “allowing” God to intervene. Family members are to write a letter to the addicted family member and attempt one last time to intervene on the addict’s behalf. If the addict rejects the help, then the family lets them go often toward a path of the prodigal son in Luke 15. The family is to PRAY for that person and to look expectantly for his/her return BUT not to contact them daily or provide any financial assistance.

For the Family Members, it is really the ultimate act of FAITH in Christ…think about letting go of a son or daughter, a spouse, or any loved one who is CHOOSING to go down a destructive path. But the family member is not powerless as he/she can PRAY believing God for a real heart change. Any financial help too soon likely will not lead to a real heart change by the addict – so the family must wait on the Lord. A tough spot to be in, but one that will grow a person’s faith in Christ!

I am so thankful that these 4 families have read that book, followed the Holy Spirit’s leading in their situations, prayed, waited upon the Lord, and NOW are reaping the benefits of a REAL changed heart!!!

-Mark (thankful that God wrote the only Book that really matters!)