What are you doing about the 6 billion lost people in the world? What’s your plan of attack? More importantly, what is God calling you to do about it?

You know what Jesus’ plan was? He discipled 12 men. That’s all. Sounds simple really, and it is, but it’s NOT easy.

Time. Christians in America are either in too much debt OR too busy to spend time with people in meaningful, discipleship relationships like the ones Jesus invested in. Jesus made time for His followers. Do you make time for your family and friends?

That’s really all we do in biblical counseling. We make time for people and point them to Christ and His all sufficient Word of truth. We know God will show up in their lives and change our counselees. It happens ALL of the time unless someone fails to spend time with Him. It’s pretty simple really.

Time. Give your time. Stop tweeting. Stop face-booking. Stop emailing. Stop talking on the cell phone. Stop being busy with whatever distracts you from Christ, prayer, Bible reading and study, talking to your family and friends, and serving others.

Share the Gospel and live the Gospel!

-Mark (lost people matter to God – He wants them found)