One of the very pieces of EVIDENCE that show that addiction is NOT a “disease” was told to me by a police officer commenting about the addictive properties of crystal meth.

After the FIRST usage of crystal meth, 70% of people become physically addicted to it (aka ENSLAVED in the Bible).

Crystal meth is POWERFUL and no joke. It’s not a game. Don’t play with that drug and all of the chemicals it is mixed with. There will be very few crystal meth addicts who live a long life to the age of 80 because of the damage to the lungs from smoking all of the chemicals mixed with it. Very few.

So what does that tell us? A drug that is 17x more powerful than cocaine will cause almost everyone to be “addicted” to it after the FIRST usage. Repeated usage puts the numbers even higher.

So if 70% of people get addicted after just one time, then that means addiction is not a disease that some have and others do not have. Nearly everyone is susceptible to addiction if they try the right drug.

Here’s a secret. Shhh! don’t tell anyone this: Everyone is “addicted” to something pleasurable. Everyone.

Why? Because we all fight feeding our flesh which hinders our ability to walk in the Spirit.

But here’s the good news. Galatians 5:16 states: “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” It doesn’t say you “might not” – it says you “WILL NOT” gratify your flesh.

Walking in the Spirit is the ONLY way to overcome any addiction in the flesh. Biblical counseling works because Christ is the ONLY solution.

-Mark (glad God never calls addiction a disease, only a sin nature problem in our flesh that Jesus forgives us and empowers us to overcome both in this life and in the next life to come eternally)