Seems like many shows keep coming out on this “tsunami” of a problem commonly called “addiction” (the Bible calls it “enslavement” and “idolatry” which still holds the person responsible for sinful choices that feed the problem).

Dr. Drew Pinsky from the secular perspective is passionate about helping “addicts” as am I. But we have 2 different views on the heart of the problem. Therefore, we have 2 different view on the SOLUTION to the problem. I know it is Christ alone who forgives all sins and heals all diseases!

Watch this 8 minute clip from the Today Show:

Dr. Pinsky calls it a “fatal disease” and not a “theory of disease” which is what it is: A THEORY. It used to be called the “disease concept” or “theory of disease” but NOW everyone seems to call it a “disease.” Still a theory even though everyone now calls it a fact. Just because 2 men 80 years ago call something a “theory of disease” doesn’t make something truly a disease! This is philosophy (see Col. 2:8)!

I spoke to a Spirit-filled man (I will not say his name) recently who is leading the way of battling all “addictions” in Alabama. He explained it like this: “I have to face the facts. And the facts tell me that it’s not a disease. Even if they call it a ‘disease,’ my Bible still tells me in Psalm 103:3 that God ‘heals all your diseases.’ I see too many people around this program who are set free and no longer struggle with a disease because God has transformed them by the power of His might. I have to face those facts.”

The faith-based can never mix with the secular. The ideas are in oppositon!

Then, at the end of this clip, Dr. Pinsky blames things OUTSIDE of the person as he says: “the things that trigger bad addiction in young actors is the same thing that triggers bad addiction in anyone…abuse, family dysfunction.” Well, if it is a genetic, brain disease, then WHY do things OUTSIDE of the person trigger an internal disease?

They will argue that it’s like diabetes and you have choices that lead to “addiction.” I get that argument. Sounds logical and has a hint of truth in it because of the responsibility. However, the idea that “addiction” is “incurable, progressive, and fatal” and that one must cope with it forever is not what the leader in Alabama knows to be true. He has observed the transformational power of Christ who offers real hope and not just “cope.”

“Addiction” looks like a disease and there is a powerful physical component to it but our God triumphs over all diseases. “Addiction” looks like a disease because it is idolatry which ultimately enslaves the idolater who becomes powerless to get out of the cycle of idolatry. Only the power of Christ rescues someone from idolatry, or addiction.

For more on the biblical approach to addiction, go to and get that book!

Brothers and Sisters, the world’s approach ultimately offers no hope but cope because they cannot offer Christ. Some people get clean and sober but that is not JUST our goal. We want to see people saved and reconciled to Christ.

At least Kirk Cameron, a devoted, solid Christian man, was on this clip to point people to God as the answer though his understanding of addiction from a biblical perspective is limited. Maybe I’ll ask one of you to send Kirk a book called The Heart of Addiction by M. Shaw! I would say to send it to Dr. Pinsky but I don’t think he’d read it. If he would, maybe he’d come to know Christ! On second thought, that’s a great idea, too! I’d love to see that man know Christ (John 17:3).

-Mark (if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed – John 8:36 – I believe Him and take Him at His Word!)