My days are blue,

My nights are black,

I have many friends,

But none have my back.

As I walk this lonely road of shame,

I picked up a new friend.

I don’t know his name.

We start to talk a lot,

And get to know each other.

I thought to myself,

“He should have met my mother.”

As many more miles soon pass,

My new friend has many,

Weird questions to ask.

“Do you go to church?”

“Do you pray?”

“Do you even listen,

to what God has to say?”

Answering his questions,

I told him the truth,

“Sir, since I lost my mom,

I don’t know what to do.”

“I feel like I’m stuck,

And alone on this path.”

“I’m afraid to move forward,

But it’s too late to go back.”

“I’ve felt all alone,

Since I lost my mother.

Even though I have siblings,

And one’s my twin brother.”

“It is so hard to tell them,

About my pain.”

“Because I am certain that they,

Feel just the same.”

He looked at me, with a smile,

And said, “Young man,

Don’t be afraid of family

They can share a helping hand.”

“But if you are too scared to say,

Then why don’t just try,

To knee down and pray.”

“Please listen to me,

And listen real well.

Now it is I,

That a story to tell.”

“My name is Jesus,

I know your mother,

Even all your siblings,

And also your twin brother.”

“For when you’re afraid,

And you feel all alone. Just kneel down and pray,

I’ll guide you home.”

I started to cry,

And as soon as I shed a tear,

Jesus said, “Cry not,

For I am here”

My days are not blue,

My nights are not black.

I now have a friend,

whom I know has my back.

-BMFK “No matter how hard life gets, never give up. Keep your head up, have faith, and trust in Him.”

From Dr. Mark Shaw – “I want to thank Brandon for giving me permission to use his poem above. Brandon is obviously a talented young man and is living in the light now after his challenges with addictive choices.”


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