It was my privilege to be interviewed by Dr. Heath Lambert, ACBC President, about the dangers of A.A. for believers. You can listen to the podcast here (#38).

What I appreciate about Dr. Lambert is his unwavering stance for truth and desire to present it in love (which is the name of our ministry, Truth In Love Ministries, and the name of his podcast: Truth in Love). It is unloving NOT to present the truth so this podcast may not be popular or received with gladness but it was certainly done out of love for the listener.

For those of you wanting to read more about the subject of A.A., read this blog:

The Useful Lie by William Playfair is a book on the topic, too, as well as my The Heart of Addiction book that points to the sinful and idolatrous desires in our hearts — not a so-called disease.

There is so much misinformation out there about the 12 Steps and its origins in “Christianity” that this talk is a tough battle. Let me assure you of this: A.A. does NOT claim to be a Christian program so I will leave it at that. Many say its “roots” are in Christianity and I would answer that with this remark: “along with several other religions and false religions, too.” Please pray and be discerning as you read about this topic.

I know there will be comments and I am happy to post them, even if they are different from mine.

-Mark (thankful for ACBC and its desire to promote the truth of God’s Word in love to a less receptive world)