Have you heard the latest psychological heresy that isn’t even officially approved by the psychological experts yet…but has clearly been accepted by some parts of our society? It’s called AFFLUENZA and it is clearly affluenza season right now in the USA!

What is affluenza? CNN tells us in the sad case of a rich young man who got drunk and had a car crash killing 4 people. One quote from the article is revealing:

“Is ‘affluenza’ real? Or is it a way for coddled children and adolescents to evade consequences for their actions? Not surprisingly, ‘affluenza’ does not appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, the ‘psychiatric Bible.'”

Affluenza is the idea that one’s parenting offered wealth with no restrictions and causes a person to become self-centered. In my Addiction-Proof Parenting book, I call it the Entitlement Mentality, which is rooted in pride and love of self. Love of self is always at the root of addictive choices.

So here we are in a courtroom where attorneys use a made-up mental disorder that some guy came up with as a phrase to describe ‘selfish, spoiled brat behavior’ as a defense and a judge rules in favor of this teenage murderer without giving him jail time. Wow. Seriously, this is a real-life situation.

You know what is sad – this new mental disorder, Affluenza, has as much scientific data behind it as the majority of psychological disorders in the DSM. When you study the history of the DSM, you find out that psychologists tied to the pharmaceutical companies are meeting to vote on disorders to put into the newest version of the DSM. Where’s the science? (Find out more about psychology as a pseudoscience by watching this YouTube video, The Marketing of Madness)

The Bible speaks to Affluenza but calls it sin. There is sin of the parents due to the lack of biblical parenting and sin of the teenager due to the selfish choices who claims to have Affluenza to get drunk and drive recklessly killing 4 people.

If you haven’t read Addiction-Proof Parenting yet, see why Dr. Tedd Tripp, author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, endorsed it and why it will clearly explain drunken choices and the real cause of Affluenza.

-Mark (emphasizing how psychological mumbo jumbo is so clearly inept to diagnose the real heart of addiction)