I get a lot of encouraging emails from people who read my books and I’m so thankful for the encouragement since the message is so counter-cultural against the thinking of this modern age: “addiction is NOT a disease” but is rather a sin nature problem of the flesh and idolatry. I simply wrote these books to glorify God by telling people His truth about the problem of “addiction.”

Here’s a testimony I want to share with you in an email I read recently:

As we sat in our recovery group the first week….we were going over the introduction of the book, The Heart of Addiction…how addictions are sin and not a disease.  If they are a disease there is no cure, only management.  But, Christ is the cure for sin…so we have a sin-cure in Jesus.  One precious woman in our group could not progress any farther that night.  We kept going over and over that.  What a moment as she shared, being in 40 some different programs and even helping counseling others, that she never knew this. She was in tears as that truth began to sink in.  Keep praying for her, but it is a joy….I mean it…a JOY to see her face as she spends alot of time at the church and thrift store as a faithful volunteer.

The truth is what sets us free (John 8:32) IF we ABIDE in it and WHEN we ABIDE in the truth.

I encourage you to LIVE (abide) in God’s Word daily so that it will indwell you and invade your thinking! Find out the truth about addiction from God’s Word (idolatry) and not the world’s best ideas (disease). I know a good book you can read!

-Mark (abiding in the love of Christ and the power of His Word daily as best I can)