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One of the really neat things the Lord is doing is opening up a door for us to go to the Ukraine to train hundreds of pastors in biblical counseling in October. We are prayerfully trusting God to be able to have the available time to pursue this opportunity and the necessary funds. A plane ticket alone may cost over $3,000.00.

What is great about this opportunity is that retired pastor Ed Wallen has been going to the Ukraine for 14 years now and has already established some great relationships in that area of the world. Brother Wallen says that this will be the first time that they will offer training in biblical counseling to the many pastors they serve.

Think about the lives that can be positively changed with the life-changing, practical biblical counseling tools that pastors will learn and be able to use with the families they minister to. We are excited to be able to teach to many of these pastors who are NOT already psychologized in their thinking! These pastors may be more open to the training than pastors in the good ole U.S.A.!!! Imagine that!

Please pray that the Lord will open the hearts of those pastors to see Him more clearly and more powerfully in the arena of pastoral care!

-Mark (thankful to serve Christ in a ministry with a global vision for spreading the Gospel)