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Before Genesis 3, there was only 1 counselor to Adam and Eve:


Before sin entered in the world, God gave counsel to Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:26-30). God knew that mankind was NOT designed to live independently from His Word and His counsel. Human beings are designed by God to be dependent creatures who NEED Him and His Word to direct them. Truth does not exist outside of Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:20).

But what happened in Genesis 3? For the first time in human history, another counselor entered the scene. This counselor portrayed God as a deceiver & a liar who had duped Adam and Eve. If they were to believe this counselor (and they did), then it makes sense that they would eat the forbidden fruit and disobey a God as evil as He was described by Satan (though it was and is a lie).

The world today offers 2 types of counsel: God’s Word of truth and Satan’s whispers of deception. Who do you listen to? Whom will you believe? Who can be trusted?

-Mark (thankful to be listening more to God than ever before)