Jason’s post below has it just right. Satan is the first being to ever ask a question. Satan’s counsel is to question God. Satan questions His character and trustworthiness.

I hope through the trials of life you are learning that God can be trusted. Really, He alone is to be trusted. We shouldn’t even trust ourselves!

If you are having a hard time trusting God right now, you are not alone because we often default to trusting ourselves more than God…but that’s wrong. We must not look at ourselves, our abilities, and our circumstances to see God. We must look to Christ and trust His Word of truth more than our own feelings.

God accomplishes His plans and His character is good and can be trusted. We can count on Him to teach us even through our suffering. We don’t suffer needlessly but suffer as dear children of the King.

Can you see the implications of this post? When you have troubles in life, if you seek UNbiblical counsel from Satan and the lies of this world, then you WILL be confused, sorrowful, and less likely to trust in God.

Instead, seek biblical counsel today! When you seek truth whether through our ministry or a biblical one like it, you will find answers, comfort, strength, and be more likely to trust in God.

It’s simply that important to seek biblical wisdom so that you grow in Christ and grow in your confidence in Him!

-Mark (a child of the King of kings and Lord of lords)