If you want diabetes, a recent study says that you are at a higher risk to get type 2 if you take anti-depressants. A 60%  higher risk!

The study does not explain how or why but it does have significant implications for our physical and mental health.

Here’s one link to an article about the findings:


Since 1 in 10 Americans above age 12 take anti-depressants and that number is ONLY increasing, this study is making people re-evaluate the risks and benefits of the so-called “happy pills” and their effects.

Anti-depressants cause a 20 pound weight gain in just the first 2-3 weeks of taking them and that alone may cause the body to be more susceptible to type 2 diabetes. Again, the how and why are unknown but I hope this encourages you to think twice about those medications by leading you to find alternative solutions for depression than taking a pill that other studies suggest do not always work.

-Mark (always glad for good science)