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We serve a BIG God and we need to be asking BIG things of Him because He alone is able to do BIG things. I’m not merely talking about believing for physical things like money, a new house, etc. I’m talking about spiritual things like breakthroughs for those who are lost or need to grow spiritually to overcome a problem that has plagued them for years!

One BIG thing we should ask Him for is the salvation of others, especially those who look like “hopeless” cases in our eyes. That’s the problem – every case is really hopeless in our eyes if we look to our own power…but it’s not hopeless in His eyes because He looks at a problem with His power!

Who is beyond the reach of God’s Hand of salvation? No one!

I love a challenge in a biblical counseling session because I serve a BIG God capable of transforming human lives!

Let’s pray and ask God for BIG things! Let’s believe God for BIG things! God is still in the business of transforming people’s hearts. He is turning our hearts back to Him!

-Mark (asking God for BIG things that look impossible to me, but my faith is NOT by sight, but must be by His might)