A widely popular movie right now is called “Avatar.” However, it reported causes depression in people AFTER they watch the movie. Why?

One reason is that the movie, Avatar, presents a utopian planet to live on. It’s a perfect place and moviegoers long to live in that type of place when they see that movie. So, they are depressed about this world when they leave and see the fallenness of this real world we live in. They see death, pain, suffering, decay, and hurt which is a MUCH DIFFERENT world than Avatar’s perfect place!

Our real world is far from perfect.

It was perfect at one time (Gen. 1-2) but what happened?

MANKIND sinned and one of the consequences given by the righteous, just God is that the world we live in today is corrupted, totally polluted by our sin and that of our forefather, Adam. (Don’t get mad at him because had you or I been there, we would have sinned, too!)

Now, in our world, we want all types of “escapes” that are commonly called “addictions.” We want to forget our pain in this world and seek pleasure. That’s why the Gospel, which answers all addictions, and gives up the PROPER escape (Jesus) is essential.

Let me urge you: USE this movie to launch the Gospel. Tell others about the real answer for sin and the eternal hope provided in heaven.

Avatar’s perfect place pales in comparison with heaven as we can only imagine what it will be like and it will be much better than we can even hope for!

-Mark (looking up at Him and heaven rather than at this sinful place that is not my home!)