What was your favorite moment at our Christmas Celebration of Christ?

I have my Top Ten:

  • 1) My dad was speechless for the first time in his life after he won the Excellence Award for his service to TIL this year. (that was Jason’s idea!) 
  • 2) Hearing the testimonies of changed lives of both counselors and counselees! 
  • 3) Singing Amazing Grace – My Chains are Gone! Wow! 
  • 4) The birthday game. Way to go May and December!
  • 5) The favorite book of the Bible game. Surprised at the size of the Ephesians and Psalms groups! Love Ecclesiastes, too! (Note: my favorite book is James – Jason’s favorite book is James, too! kinda creepy! so add 2 more to that group)
  • 6) The Nandwas from Kenya sharing their hearts and story. God has kept them here for a reason.
  • 7) Todd of God sharing the power of Christ. What a tremendous man of God he is!
  • 8) Genna K. and Don O. reminding us of the importance of biblical counseling and proclaiming Christ, not ourselves!
  • 9) The food.
  • 10) Having the children present with us at the event. Children add so much so I’m glad they were NOT separated from us, even the little ones!

I want to thank Sharon, Nancy, Shirley, J.D., and all of those who helped us set up at Bethel Baptist Church in Moody, AL. What a great set of leaders God has assembled at Bethel Baptist Church in Pastors Chris Burns, Brad Tollison, Worship Leader Rick Whitehead, Lay Leaders Don Olvey, Andy Austin, and Bill Dill! What a team! Praise the Lord!

-Mark (grateful for a great night where God was central and He alone was glorified)