Psychology means the “study of the soul” and quite frankly, that’s all secular psychologists do. They study the inner person of man that we call the soul. Some psychiatrists can give medicines but is that helping the soul or the body?

When a soul is troubled and needs Christ, does that soul need medicine or Christ? The truth of God’s Word must be delivered in the love of the Holy Spirit. Only the power of Christ can heal the human soul and He works through His body to do just that.

Therefore, what we do must be called “biblical soul care” because that is what we are doing. We are caring for a person’s soul with an ETERNAL perspective in place.

We sometimes call it biblical counseling or discipleship or mentoring and it is all of that but the over-arching term must be biblical SOUL CARE. You will be hearing us say this term a lot from now on because this is what we do under the authority of the local church.

We care for your soul and want to train you to care for the souls of others. Every Christian must care for souls!

-Mark (thankful for the great responsibility the Lord has entrusted to me to care for souls)