I thank the Lord for the great Bible teachers I have had in Sunday school, church, seminary, and in my personal life. I am still learning so much about the Word of God and realize I have so far to go.

It’s always sad to me to talk to people in counseling who are biblically illiterate. They are often MEMBERS of a church but one guy honestly did not know where Genesis was in the Bible? Genesis! Are you kidding me?

I felt so badly for him and was glad he was honest with me so I could begin teaching him. He needed the basics. He needed a foundation. He needed to know God’s Word. He needed to know what God says Himself!

Even with my children, we are reading Ruth right now, because I want them to know that biblical account. I don’t want them to be biblically illiterate.

NOTE: Did you realize that Ruth’s life has positively impacted you and I personally, if you are a Christian? Think about it in this way: Ruth’s obedience and faith in Christ as lived out with Naomi. Ruth gave birth to Obed who is in the family line of Jesus Christ.

-Mark (thanks be to God Who utilized Ruth to bless the world)