Recently, several professing Christian people said to me: “Mark, I know what God’s Word says about me and about that subject, but I need real answers.”


I hurt for them, not for me or for God’s Word. God doesn’t need to be defended! His Word needs no defense either!

That kind of statement insinuates that God’s Word is not sufficient AND does not provide answers. Christ is not enough to this type of person though He is enough – they are just looking for answers everywhere else but in Him. This person really thinks Christ is not sufficient.

My desire is to defend God’s honor and the Word more than anything else whether it hurts my reputation or not!  Some Christians are quick to defend the philosophies of worldly knowledge over the Bible!  How sad. Where are the “Shadrach’s, Meshach’s, and Abednego’s” of today (see Daniel 3) who will stand for God’s Word and not bow down to the lies of Satan?

Here are 2 choices:

1) Choose this day whether you will believe Christ and trust in His sufficiency upon that Cross. There is nothing more you or I can add to Calvary. When you trust in Christ fully, you begin to really trust His Word.

OR (2) choose to believe your past experiences, feelings, and/or Satan’s lies or what mankind says about you. If you choose this one, you’ll remain in bondage because the truth is what sets us free (John 8:31-32).

God’s Word is true. It will set you free if you abide (live) in it. Even Christians need to study God’s Word daily!

-Mark (choosing to believe Christ alone – and not the lies of this world or Satan or even the lies of my own flesh and its “feelings”!)