Ken Ham wrote a book called “Almost Gone” that is great though it is a challenging read. It has statistics in it but Mr. Ham is such a good communicator that it is smooth and informative. I highly recommend you read it.

The book challenged me to re-think church because a key finding was that Sunday school attendees as youths were MORE LIKELY to turn away from the faith as young, 20 year old adults. I had to read that finding twice because it goes against our thinking. The finding again was that children who DID attend Sunday School were MORE LIKELY to walk away from the faith as adults vs. children who did NOT attend Sunday School.

Makes you think, doesn’t it. Why is that the finding? Well, Mr. Ham cites evidence that these children were likely taught UNDERMINING lies about God’s Word while in Sunday School which led to a LACK of FAITH in Christ and His Word.

It would have been better NOT to have attended Sunday School which taught contrary to God’s Word, in other words.

I may not be doing a good job of summarizing this finding. Therefore, I recommend you read the book.

Here’s my life application: Teach the Bible and help people to have faith in Christ and His Word as accurate. People need to know about how the Flood fits into history and science, that fossils came from a global flood, that land dinosaurs were created on the 6th day, that a global flood wiped out many of the dinosaurs, etc.  We need to have answers for a dying world that is longing for the truth of God’s Word.

-Mark (grateful to serve Christ with men like Ken Ham who boldly stand for God and lead the way)