This is the title of a REAL children’s book (please don’t buy it!) and it is about a boy whose feelings are subjectively and supposedly from a chemical imbalance (though their is no scientific evidence for such) in his brain. But the good news is that his feelings can be controlled by “good” medicines (though research suggests there are far more adverse side effects and dangers to these so-called good medicines). Brandon and the Bipolar Bear. Seriously?

Am I the only one who is both outraged and sad about this?

I am just going to say it straight – the psychotropic drug industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and they are seeking to get as many people on drugs as early as they can without concern for the real shrinkage of the brain that damages the brain known to be found in many of these drugs – not to mention the addictive properties, etc.

Secular Psychology says: “If your child is sad or mad, then you need to consider having her see a psychiatrist to be diagnosed with a LIFELONG so-called disorder that will ALWAYS require medicine according to secular psychology.” I have a real problem with that. Do you? I’d like to know your thoughts. Please respond.

Again, I’m NOT saying children don’t struggle with sadness and being overwhelmed by their feelings. That is REAL. But should medicine be the first choice or even second or third? Sending a six year old off to a big school with bullies and mean schoolmates would make me sad, too, especially if I were 6 years old. It is a fallen world and children must be protected from the dangers of this world but medicine is not the answer.

Watch this video BEFORE you respond to this blog please:

-Mark (maybe I’m overreacting or maybe some are underreacting to the insidious dangers of getting children on medicines where the “mechanism of action is unknown” and studies show many dangers to these so-called curative drugs for emotional problems)