Thomas Oden wrote that our job is “to lead back the wandering sheep and to cure that which is wounded by the serpent” (Classical Pastoral Care, vol. 3, Baker Publishing, p. 57).

This is PRECISELY what our ministry is all about: helping hurting, wandering souls who have been wounded by their own sin and the serpent!

As biblical counselors, disciple-makers, and children of God:

  • We help those struggling with an addiction to overcome it biblically – with the truth spoken in the love of Christ.
  • We help married couples to learn how to love and respect each other for the glory of God.
  • We help rebellious children to know that the authority of their parents is good and God-given.
  • We thank God for the privilege to serve Him by caring for hurting Christians.
  • We thank God for the privilege of evangelizing those who are lost and not yet found.

-Mark (thankful to be a part of The Addiction Connection team that is endeavoring to care for souls across the nation and world)