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Six years ago today, Truth In Love Ministries began doing the work of biblical counseling. I saw a need for biblical counseling in the local churches of Birmingham, Alabama. Now, TIL is thriving under the new leadership of Bill Dill, our Southeast Regional Director.

TIL Stats:

On March 28, 2008, we started modestly with ….

  • 3 biblical counselors
  • 2 biblical counseling sessions

At our height, TIL had ….

  • 56 biblical counselors serving per week in
  • 80 counseling sessions per week

Today, TIL has launched Bethel Counseling Ministry in Moody, AL; has launched The Addiction Connection; continues to do women’s ministry at The Lovelady Center; counsels at Glen Iris Baptist Church; participates in a tv program Saturdays at 2 pm; and serves at Valleydale Baptist Church. All of that without Mark Shaw living in town and due to the leadership of Bill and Beth Dill and the service of Rosa and Charlotte.

Do you know someone who needs biblical counseling?

Truth In Love Ministries can help! The all-sufficient Word of God has practical answers to everyday problems. Call today at 205-910-0085 for a counseling appointment!

To find a specific church near you that has gone through Certification through The Addiction Connection (CTAC), go to the following link:


–Mark (grateful the Lord continues to work through His children in Birmingham, AL)