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If you would like to bless TIL, you can do so by blessing Christ Health Center (CHC) in the Woodlawn area by making them your primary care physicians for dental, medical, and pharmacy needs.

CHC takes on patients who HAVE insurance like Blue Cross and it enables them to contine doing the work of ministry. By becoming a patient at CHC, it helps them to continue to minister to the poor.

If you do not have a doctor, prayerfully consider making CHC your primary care facility. Their equipment is state of the art and you will find very few physicians who CARE as much as Dr. Robert Record and his staff at CHC.

I know because they have provided medical care for me personally and the Lord used it to change my life for the better!

Help CHC to continue doing its service to the poor for the glory of Christ by referring people to CHC as patients – or better yet, come yourself!

-Mark (grateful to be partnered with a ministry that exhibits the heart of Christ)