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Ok, I think most of you know that I am not a Scientologist or endorsing the Church of Scientology. Surely, that is not an issue. But when I see something that is right on target regarding the issue of psychiatric disorders, I have to let you know about it. Check out this link endorsed by the Church of Scientology:


These folks get it! Also, watch “The Marketing of Madness” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1nbZCNDgbY for an informative inside look at psychiatric disorders and how they are “created” with pharmaceuticals waiting in the wings for the new “diseases.” They quote psychiatrists and actual leaders who influence the DSM-V (the psychological “bible”) and its creation of so-called diseases.

-Mark (amazed that the Church of Scientology sees right through psychology yet believers in the church of Jesus Christ do not)