It’s the new year so it’s time for a new perspective, especially in light of new year’s resolutions. So here we go…

I have dear friends who say things like, “Brother, you are a believer so you can drink alcohol.” It’s a true statement. Few could argue biblically that one is not allowed to drink alcohol as a Christian. It is a Christian liberty, true enough. But does it glorify God?

Maybe it does glorify God in some circumstances. I understand that it could be a possibility.

But here’s my underlying philosophy about Christian liberties that might be new to some of you and I would encourage you to adopt these for the new year:

Christian Liberties are given to us to say “no” to for the glory of God rather than to indulge in for our own comforts.

We are FREE! We are free – not to sin – but to say NO THANKS to sin by the power of the Holy Spirit living within us. We are free to glorify the Lord by living in such a way as to say,

“I could drink alcohol freely without sin yet I am choosing willfully NOT to do so because I want to live in a holy manner for the ultimate glory of God!”

What an awesome freedom: to deny oneself from comforts and pleasures because the kingdom of God and His glory is MORE important. Wow! That’s something to be fired up about!

So in this New Year, let me direct your thoughts to God and His kingdom. Choose life and liberty in Christ and don’t forget that you can say “no” to liberties you are free to indulge in. “Yes” is not always the best answer to Christian liberties!

-Mark (freely saying “no thanks” for a greater purpose than self-indulgence)