I heard a lyric in a song recently that encouraged Christians to “doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs” and I thought, “Yeah. That’s right.”

Bottom line issue for me is to trust God and keep my eyes fixated upon Him and not my doubts or silly questions. Is this world fallen and corrupt with sin? Certainly it is. Therefore, I cannot have my “hopes” or “trust” in the temporary things of this world like my circumstances or feelings. I must have my trust solidly placed in Christ.

If I look at myself, my flaws, my frailties, and my failures, I will get discouraged and might even be tempted to think that I’m NOT a Christian.

Therefore, I must keep my eyes on Jesus and realize that the assurance of my pardon from sins is not on anything that I’ve done – but is solely in Him.

The more I study God’s Word, the more I learn to trust Him even more. My beliefs are not mine at all WHEN they come from the Holy Scriptures. My beliefs are His Words – and God can be taken at His Word.

-Mark (doubting my doubts and trusting/believing my beliefs)