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Someone recently congratulated me for completing a successful year in our business.

This is wrong on 2 counts.

First, we are NOT a business. We’re a ministry. Plain and simple. We do not operate to make money. In fact, we lose money to save souls. We are VERY non-profit. We appreciate everyone’s donations because they help us to see marriages reconciled. We are a GIVING ministry – not a “getting” business.

By the way, we’ve seen 1 marriage reconciliation occur each week for the past 4 weeks! Praise the Lord.

Second, it’s not my doing that we are successful. We are a team. But most importantly, it’s the Lord’s doing. Christ alone is making our ministry VERY fruitful and successful as He is glorifying Himself. It’s all Jesus!

-Mark (to God be the glory for blessing this giving ministry that operates as a mission for the Lord Jesus Christ!)