Someone recently congratulated me for, “completing a successful year in your business.”

Even though it was meant as an encouragement, it is wrong on two counts.

First, we are NOT a business. We’re a ministry. Plain and simple. We do not operate to make money. In fact, we lose money to save souls. We are VERY non-profit. Every donation and purchase of a curriculum or online course helps us reach, equip, and train more people for the work of ministry, for the ultimate mission of leading others to Jesus. We are a GIVING ministry – not a “getting” business.

Second, it’s not “my business” nor is it my doing that we are successful. Most importantly, it’s the Lord’s doing. Christ alone is making our ministry VERY fruitful and successful as He is glorifying Himself. It’s all Jesus! Additionally, it’s not “my business” but rather, our network. What an amazing team I have the privilege of leading and working alongside for His glory.

-Mark (to God be the glory for blessing this giving ministry that operates as a mission for the Lord Jesus Christ!)

(Updated January 2021)