Recently, I had an opportunity to sit down and talk with a man who is living under a bridge. He came to the place we were teaching for temporary shelter due to the cold.

He shared his love for Jesus Christ with me and confessed sins in his life but he was NOT ready to forsake the sin in his life (Proverbs 28:13).

Help was available to him and housing. He knew it was there but he was unwilling to submit to someone else’s rules in order to receive the help. How sad!

We are not much different than this man – spiritually speaking. We value our “freedom”, often choose to believe that we know better than to trust God by faith, and we make choices to sin. In reality, we are in bondage to sin and in need of real freedom in Christ. Help is there WHEN we confess and forsake our sins!

This man reminded me that he chooses to be homeless because he chooses to live on his own and by his own rules. He chooses not to answer to anyone. He is his own boss and he does what he pleases. Sadly, his decision to live by his rules alone has brought him to sleep under a bridge at night. 

I am learning to willingly submit to God’s rules set forth in His Word because I trust Him MORE than I trust myself!!! He knows what’s best for me far more than what I think is best for me. I must learn to live by faith and to obey His Word even when I am unsure and do not feel like doing so.

Please pray for this man that God would open his eyes to see that his choices have led him to where he is so that he can repent and trust Christ and receive the help that is already available to him.

-Mark (grateful to have an eternal home in heaven prepared for me by Jesus alone – that same home awaits this precious man, too, as well as a “home” on earth when he trusts in Christ)