Charles Darwin devised a theory that changed the world. His theory greatly impacted the field of psychology, too, which affects how we view counseling.

In fact, in one old psych textbook of mine, an entire page was dedicated to Darwin’s theory and how it brought “enlightenment” to the psychological field. How sad! If only they would read the Bible for real “enlightenment” from the Holy Spirit!

The theory of evolution and psychological theories that oppose the Bible are serious threats to the church today because they confuse people. We need to be aware of false teachings so that we think biblically. We must start with the Holy Scriptures to interpret our world. Do not start with man’s ideas or your feelings.

God’s Word is true. Don’t celebrate Darwin Day this Feb. of 2009. It’s not a friendly holiday to those who believe God’s Word is true.

-Mark (I might look and act like a monkey sometimes, but believe it or not, I’m made in God’s image)