Sometimes, this is how we feel – like David when he was facing Goliath.

The world was scoffing at God by challenging God’s people, the Israelites to a battle. God’s people were fearful because they were focused upon Goliath, not God.

Today, the secular world scoffs at Scripture and champions psychology though the results for “therapy” are meager even after spending 10 years paying for counseling. Also, for some reason, God’s people are AFRAID of psychology, the Goliath in this analogy.

Why do we fear psychology? Why? Because we aren’t focused on Jesus Christ. We are looking at Goliath rather than God. We are looking at psychology and its claims rather than the Word of God which is the truth that never changes and sets the captives free.

But guess what? God sent a weak, shepherd boy to slay Goliath and his lies of fear.

Today, God has sent a weak ministry (TIL) into the world to slay psychology and all of its psychological falsehoods that oppose the true Word of God.

Which side do you want to be on?

-Mark (thankful the power does not come from me but from Almighty God)