So why do people incorrectly think and say that they have to “forgive God” as if God has done something wrong?

God NEVER sins. God NEVER wrongs us. God is good. God is love. God is just, perfect, holy, and righteous. There is no fault in God. None.

I know that it is a reality that people get angry with God when they are sinned against and mistreated by evildoers, but it is still NOT right. It is a reality but it is NOT justifiable since God is incapable of doing wrong even IF a person thinks God is wrong.

This type of incorrect thinking reveals at least 3 things about a person: (1) Wrong view of God where He is lowered to man’s level and even below man’s level. It’s as though God is less than man. (2) Wrong view of God’s grace because they think that we deserve God’s grace when in fact, we deserve His wrath. He graciously gives us His grace and not because we have been mistreated but because Jesus was mistreated on the cross. (3)  Our understanding of Who God is and His truth does NOT come from our own understanding. In fact, the Bible warns us NOT to lean on our own understanding (Proverbs 3). Knowing the truth comes only from the Holy Spirit revealing God’s Word to us!

Even if you feel angry at God, remember God did NOT harm you. He allowed you to suffer at the hands of evildoers.

If you have been unfairly victimized and harmed by someone, your suffering is due to the sin of Adam and Eve and the sin of mankind. If you are angry at God, it is misdirected. It may be righteous anger that you feel against the sin and mistreatment you received from the hands of another person, but you must never be angry at God. Mankind is responsible for sin.

It’s not ok to be angry at God. Ever. Yet I acknowledge that people do get sinfully angry at God, but they need to repent for that attitude against a holy, loving, and righteous God.

We NEVER EVER have to forgive God since He NEVER EVER does anything wrong.

God allowed a sinless Man, the Son of Man, to die the death you and I should have experienced because of our sin yet Jesus was never angry at God. Jesus never had to forgive God for the suffering He experienced at Calvary. To think that Jesus was angry or had to forgive God for His death on the cross is ludicrous.

Jesus experienced God’s wrath on the cross for the GREATER GOOD – God’s forgiveness of our sins! That was God’s greater plan: the plan of salvation for sinful mankind who needs a Redeemer! Jesus was NOT angry about that because He was SUBMITTED to God’s plan for the greater good. You and I should be, too. We should trust God and His sovereign plans that they are for God’s greater good and His greater plans than our measly, little ole understanding. Our perspective matters not. God’s perspective is all that really matters.

Let me urge you NOT to believe the lie that you must forgive God. You don’t have to forgive God because He has never and will never do anything wrong. In fact, even if you hate God right now at this very moment, He is the REASON that you are breathing and that your heart is beating because you are sustained only by His power!

God never sins.

God is never wrong.

God is always right.

Only God is righteous. We are unrighteous until He makes us righteous through Christ.

Anything we receive from Him is merciful and gracious and only because He loves us first while we were still sinners (Rom. 5:8; I John 4:10).

God is love (I John 4:8b). Love is His character.

You never have to forgive love!

-Mark (recognizing the holiness of God and His sovereignty while acknowledging the responsibility of mankind at the very same time)