What the public often fails to realize is that ANY drug has side effects. Some of society’s “acceptable” psychotropic drugs are very scary like Remeron (aka Mirtazapine) which Robin Williams was prescribed and taking at his death. Remeron is a “black box” drug which means it increases the risk of suicidal and depressed ideations.

Williams was prescribed Seroquel 7 days prior to his death and he had 8 pills missing though this drug was not found in his system. It seems very likely that he had taken this medication prior to his death. Just some of the side effects associated with Seroquel include psychosis, paranoid reactions, delusions, depersonalization and suicide attempts.

Kelly Patricia O’Meara writes a solid, quick article about these two meds Robin Williams was taking and raises good questions about what these drugs can do. I think we must be more concerned about the meds we put into our bodies. Read this article now to increase your awareness of psychotropic drugs that are often accepted without question in our society today.

-Mark (praying our eyes will be opened to the dangers of psychotropic medications)