So many believe the lie that a divorce is going to fix their marital problems! It’s simply not true. A divorce simply complicates and frustrates the relationship.

When the couple has children, it further adds problems as children hear each parent destroy the other parent with hurtful words, live under 2 confusing sets of rules in the 2 homes, and often wrongly blame themselves for the divorce.

No wonder God hates divorce. Do you hate divorce? Can you urge others to stay married despite how they feel (i.e. “I don’t feel that I love her anymore” OR “I love him but I can’t live with him anymore”)?

That’s why I really like the Fireproof film b/c it encourages fighting for your marriage no matter how you feel! Feelings come and go and thankfully that’s NOT how the Lord loves us!

-Mark (I hate the pain caused from a divorce)