When I was a child playing sports and someone would make a mistake or break a rule on accident, someone would simply yell “DO OVER” and we’d replay the point. Kinda like a mulligan in golf!

Well, at the last Webinar, Dr. Rick Thomas had a power outage for several hours and we could NOT get part 2 of the “Not Just Clean and Sober” webinar going until very late. Rick called me later that night and apologized but it certainly was not his fault.

So, he and I yelled, “DO OVER!”

This Sunday night, July 25th at 8 pm, we are going to do BOTH parts 2 and 3 to wrap up this presentation. It will be longer than 1 hour as I anticipate 90 minutes so plan to be with us this week.

Here is what Dr. Thomas sent to me through email to sign up for this FREE class:

I apologize for the inconvenience created Sunday, July 11th. We had a power outage and was unable to connect Mark to the webinar. Mark will combine his instruction and the webinar will run 90 minutes or so.

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When The Goal Is Not Just Clean and Sober – Parts 2 & 3

Join us for a Webinar on July 25

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Dr. Mark Shaw, President of Truth in Love Ministries, will present crucial instruction on the goal and motivation for working with someone who has a life dominating sin. The biblical counselor’s goal is not to become satisfied that the counselee is free from a substance and living a life of sobriety.

Dr. Shaw will convincingly demonstrate clean and sober are only possible when the counselor motivates the counselee to a high level – namely the glory of God.

Mark your calendars for parts two and three combined. Enlightening, eye-opening, and encouraging!

Title: When The Goal Is Not Just Clean and Sober – Parts 2 & 3

Date:Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time:8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT

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-Mark (hope to talk to you soon!)