I live in Alabama. There are two sports teams in Alabama that play college football: The University of Alabama and Auburn University.

These two rivals are talked about on sports radio 365 days a year, unless it’s a leap year which makes it 366 days a year. Every day, Alabama and Auburn talk dominates the air waves morning, noon, and night on sports radio in Alabama.

But does all of this talk in this bitter rivalry affect the body of Christ? If not, no big deal, right? But if so, then what impact does it have on the body of Christ?

I am obviously of the opinion that it DOES impact the body of Christ. Why? Because it has an ungodly importance that often mimics idolatry in terms of how much people think about it more than they think of Christ. Also, I see how people who are brothers and sisters in Christ are divided over this issue, put each other down in “fun,” and allow it to bring division.

“Oh, Mark, you are too serious. No one takes it that seriously!” some might say to me but I can confidently tell you that many people DO take it that seriously. I know of people who wear their team’s t-shirts proudly to church, won’t sit next to someone who wears the opposite team’s apparel, and even dislikes those who are fans of the “wrong” team. You cannot tell me that these attitudes bring unity to the body of Christ!

But here’s the deal. Maybe some of these people are not really in the body of Christ. Maybe some of them think they are Christians when they are not. I say this because anyone whose devotion is NOT Christ first (but a college or pro team first) is very likely not a Christian! (read Luke 14:25-33 for more about the cost of being a follower of Christ)

Devotion to sports of all types that is greater than one’s devotion to Christ reflects a heart that truly does not understand that Jesus is King Jesus and He alone is our ruler!

-Mark (celebrating the ultimate win of Jesus Who defeated Satan and His blood cleanses us from our sins!)