I don’t know any 4 year olds who are atheists. When you ask a 4 year old, “is there a God?” they almost always say “yes.” Why? Because God’s image is stamped upon everyone! We are created in His image. Any 4 year old knows that!

Atheism is a “learned” state of mind. Young adults and adults “learn” to be atheists. They look at a fallen, sinful world resulting from Genesis 3 and they say, “there cannot be a God” but that is an INCORRECT assumption. A holy God allowed man to choose to sin in Gen. 3 resulting in death, dying, suffering, spiritual death, and pain. It is man’s fault that this world is full of misery!

When you teach a 4 year old the biblical truth of Genesis 3, then the world begins to make a little more sense to that child whose understanding will grow greater in time. Parents, are you teaching your children about this fallen world and the goodness of God? Pastors, are you teaching your congregation about this fallen world and the goodness of God?

-Mark (wanting so badly for mankind to know the only GOOD, TRUE, MERCIFUL, and JUST God, the Lord Jesus Christ)