There is a new language out today, especially in the South, called “Christianese.” Maybe you already speak it and just do not know it!

Seminary students are infected with it like a virus. They argue the finer points of pre-millenialism and post-modernism while debating whether or not Moses wrote the first books of the Bible or if JEDP did? You can get lost in it, especially when you don’t know the terms.

When I teach, I try to be careful to explain the terms I am using. I define and explain them as best I can and I like interaction so that people can ask me questions. “Interrupt me,” I say, “because that’s how you learn.” I love it!

A wise friend once said, “It’s easy to answer the questions no one is asking,” and I agree. That’s why preparing a sermon is one of the easiest things to do. But if you have to prepare for a biblical counseling session where they might ask you ANYTHING, that’s tough but that’s what I and hundreds of biblical counselors are doing every day!

So I urge you to NOT speak Christianese, especially to a lost person or they will not know what you mean and will never be found.

-Mark (proficient in Christianese though trying to break it down for my children and those I am privileged to minister to…uh, er, or better explained, I am privileged to serve!”