Maybe you have heard that phrase: “I took him at his word” which means I believed what he said. Usually, it’s said when someone’s actions did NOT match their original word as in, “Well, I took him at his word, but he deceived me.”

Isn’t it nice to know we can trust both the Words and Actions of God?

We can definitely “take God at His Word” so why don’t we?

When we think about our relationship with God, do we “take Him at His Word” and act in accordance to what He says about us OR in accordance to what He commands us to do. If God loves us (and He does), why don’t we do what He says? Why do we think we know better than Him? What arrogance and pride on our parts!

God’s Word is true and we say that a lot, but do we really believe that we can trust Him to care for us? That was the issue in Genesis 3 when Adam and Eve doubted God’s Word when Satan attacked His Word with a simple question. Either we’re going to believe God or we’re going to believe the lies of Satan and do what we want to do – when we listen to Satan and do what we want, who is acting like God then?

-Mark (loving to read His Word and obey His Word realizing how faithful He is to His promises for me!)