We need to pray for Ms. Lohan to find Christ. What does she need more: “recovery” from drugs in this life OR eternal life through Christ in the next life? For Christians, the answer is obvious because we believe in the afterlife of living in new bodies with our souls either in heaven or in hell.

I heard that Lindsay Lohan is using language now that she has a “disease” of a drug addiction. The reporters on tv applauded her recognition of the problem because she is no longer denying it. But she just failed another drug test so admitting the problem is not enough. She needs the power of Christ.

There is no such thing as willpower or “self-help.” We all need the power of Christ and His forgiveness for our sins. I am much in need of both…as is Ms. Lohan. So, while I am glad she went to a 28 day program, I wish she had heard the truth: that “addiction” is really a sin called “idolatry” for which we can be forgiven and transformed by the power of Christ when we surrender our lives to Him.

-Mark (praying for addicts everywhere to hear the truth about addictions)