Dr. Mark E. Shaw had the opportunity to be interviewed by Curtis Solomon via the Biblical Counseling Coalition Podcast.Curtis and Mark had a fascinating video discussion of biblical counseling and addictions and covered a lot of ground in this 35 minute or so video:

  • 3 basic heart issues in the struggle to overcome any sin in our lives (these are taught extensively in Understanding Temptation)
  • What is meant by the term “worship disorder”
  • What about the biological aspects of substance abuse?
  • The great opportunity for local churches to get involved in reaching addicts for Christ
  • Truth in Love Ministry’s training around the country, with potential local church partnerships
  • The need for residential programs
  • Some of the resources and programs Dr. Shaw personally recommends around the country
  • And finally, a fun “2 Minute Favorites” in which some of Mark’s favorite earthly things are revealed:)

Please Watch and Share! The entire interview can be found on the BCC website here.

~Mary (Mark’s wife for all of this earthly life)