At this time last year, who would have imagined that we would experience a year like 2020? COVID-19, racial discord, an often-vitriolic election race, and so much more.

The good and comforting news? God is Sovereign and at work in and through everything that happens, and that includes bringing us together to accomplish way more than any one man could accomplish alone!

At The Addiction Connection, we are encouraged by the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit transforming lives from the bondage of addiction into the freedom of His forgiveness.

We’re also excited to see God connecting more and more addiction ministry leaders with one another through TAC’s network for friendship, encouragement, resources, and wisdom.

The relational networking, commissioning, and resource production in which TAC is involved has seen exponential growth this year, and God is graciously and faithfully supplying what we need to further expand our ministry reach across the nation and around the globe.

Together, in 2020, TAC has…

  1. Provided $11,757.00 in scholarships, discounts, and donations to biblical counselors and ministries.
  2. Commissioned 22 new CABCs.
  3. Expanded online training for counselors using a new platform, adding new courses such as The Bible vs. Self Help Philosophies.
  4. Produced Next Steps: Be TRANSFORMED– a robust weekly biblical program (66 lessons of digital content) for churches to utilize as they reach the addicted.
  5. Created a 12-week biblical curriculum for churches to reach family members of the addicted called Family Help for Addiction: A Care Group Study.
  6. Recorded and released 100 podcasts, including our most popular series “12 podcasts in 12 days with 12 guests addressing each of the 12 Steps“. Stay tuned for a similar series again in 2021!
  7. Welcomed several new leaders to our Regional Directors, Board Members, and Advisory Team who have brought wisdom and strengthened our network.
  8. Hosted one of the only IN-PERSON biblical counseling events by God’s grace in the midst of the pandemic—the 4th Annual TAC Leadership Summit. For those of you who missed it, the recordings can be found HERE. Mark your calendars for next year’s event to take place November 4-6, 2021!

Thank you for your part in helping others “Connect the Hope of the Gospel with the Heart of Addiction.” 

As we look to the future, please celebrate with us as we thank the Lord for the work He has done and ask Him to continue using The Addiction Connection for His glory no matter what 2021 has in store.

Grateful for each and every one of you,