Since our ministry kicked off on March 28th with volunteers, here are some of the stats in our first month of operation. Understand we have only counseled a total of 5 days in that month because of limited resources. Nonetheless, here are the exciting stats to date (as of April 18th):

26 counselees served in 17 total meetings

by 20 volunteer biblical counselors

for 26.5 hours of biblical discipleship with

3 marriages in the process of reconciling!!!!!!!!

Please understand that our format is to go into 1 church and counsel one day per week in that church and to teach classes to equip others to do the work of discipleship and biblical counseling. We are currently only serving 2 churches so this is a total of 5 days of counseling in those churches.

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised for what He is doing through the willing and faithful volunteers of Truth in Love Ministries!

-Mark Shaw