Everyone lives by faith.


People are either living by faith in mankind or faith in God. But everyone lives by faith.

For those who are trusting in mankind, it is a sad existence. They keep hoping for man to be redemptive and instead, mankind fails them. Crime rates increase, sin abounds, oil spills grow, and the world becomes an increasingly pornographic and sinful place. Mankind has little power for good and even that little power comes from God Himself.

For those who are trusting in God, it is a content existence in a fallen, sin-cursed world. Man’s disobedience in Genesis 3 led to the world we live in. We call it the Fall of man. But God is redemptive. He brings good from bad. We who are trusting in Him have hope. Hope in this life and greater hope in the life to come everlasting! Our hope is not in mankind but in a good and loving and redemptive God Who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Now, who are you trusting in?

The implications of this for counseling are this: 1) are you going to trust in man’s theories/ideas of psychology and go see a secular therapist? OR 2) are you going to trust in God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit?

God is sufficient. We need no one and nothing else. We need only Him.

-Mark (trusting in Christ alone)