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We need your help! Family Christian Bookstores in 3 locations (Trussville, HWY 280, and Gardendale) are carrying all of my books now! We need you to tell others and to go by and buy some of these books! 😉

While that would be nice, I trust the Lord that He will sell the books in His timing! Of course, if you feel led to buy one of them…

I am grateful that my books are available on Christian Book Distributors (www.cbd.com), Amazon.com, and Focus Publishing (www.focuspublishing.com). I am asking the Lord to get HIS message out that He is still in the business of transforming our hearts, especially in the realm of all “addictions.” I am in awe of His power to transform me and others who have struggled with all types of addictions! I pray you find hope in Christ in my books and that they point you to Him!

-Mark (excited to be a servant in His kingdom!)

P.S. I have a new book coming out in a few weeks called “Cross Talking: A Daily Gospel Devotional for Transforming Addicts.” I’m very excited about this one!