I have always strongly disliked the Mother Nature label of some fictitious spiritual mother who oversees our weather. We act as if it were true. So why do we lie? Why does our culture allow such myths to exist like S.Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Fairy Godmothers, and the like?

The answer is easy: humans want to bring God down to our level and we enjoy gods who are like us: flawed yet superhuman to watch out for us and help us. We want gods who we create in our own image (Isaiah 44).

The truth is opposite: God is holy, perfect, pure, and without fault and He did come down to our level in the form of Jesus Christ, our Savior, yet without sin and human failings. God is not made in our image and we understand His ways very little. Instead, He is the Creator who made us in His image.

So why do humans want a Superman-type hero instead of God the Father and Jesus Christ? It is simple. Humans do not want to be ruled by anyone unless it is someone that they have created. No one wants a king unless it’s their king of their own choosing who does what they want. Kings are pretty inconvenient to one’s own plans and personal dreams.

The answer is also rooted in our anthropology, or understanding of man, and then our idea that we must earn our way into heaven. The gods and superhumans of the world are good (not flawed by a sin nature) and they are in their spot because of their goodness in how they performed on earth. Maybe that’s not exactly the case with each type of god or superhuman hero but it is an underlying idea for the majority. We mistakenly believe that we are good as humans and the opposite implication is that God is not always good though He’s powerful. That flawed, imperfect people can attain perfection through their own works and death into a new world.

However, the Bible reveals our loving God of the universe who is Father Nature. He is sovereign over all things, even the weather and especially the weather. It is all under His control. I’m always amazed at the damage down to whole communities by hurricanes, tornadoes, and sunamis only to see relatively few deaths as a result. In His justice and His power, God could kill us all. Not a problem for Him and it would not be unjust since He owns us all and none of us are without sin. In fact, we deserve His wrath apart from Christ.

But God…full of mercy and love, yet 100% just, knew that mankind could not save mankind and that no superhero or god created by mankind could truly do anything to save mankind. In His justice, God sent His own Son to die on the Cross for every person who cries out in confession of personal sin, asking for forgiveness based upon the righteous sacrifice of Jesus, and then trusts in Christ alone for eternal life as evidenced by repentance. That’s God’s remedy – Himself – not some manmade idea of a false god or superhero human.

Sadly, some prefer to believe the lie. Some prefer their own gods which is the definition of idolatry (see Isaiah 44).

Personally, I’m not a big Santa, Easter Bunny, Greek mythology, or Tooth Fairy guy though I have participated in activities supporting such. But I wonder, should I? Should I participate IF/WHEN those activities distract and detract from the Gospel message found in Jesus Christ and the Word of God? Should I participate?

Should you participate? Let’s discuss over the next several weeks! I’ll leave this blog up for comments during our holiday season. Make comments and we’ll post them!

Philippians 2 reminds us of Christ’s humility to take on the form of a man and then to take it one step further: to take on the shame of the Cross that we might be saved and given a new nature within to transform us into the likeness and image of Christ by God’s design.

-Mark (I like God’s plan of His Son being “Immanuel” or “God with us” better than any myth or superhero!)