How do we grant forgiveness? Are there different types of forgiveness? What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness by definition involves 2 persons. It is relational. Forgiveness is NOT needed unless someone hurts someone else. If no one is hurt or offended, then forgiveness is NOT required. Nothing is wrong!

By definition, someone has to hurt/offend someone else for FORGIVENESS to be necessary. Two persons are always involved.

Think about your salvation experience for a moment:  You offended God Who is a Person with your sin. You needed His forgiveness. Forgiveness on His part is necessary for your relationship with God to be restored and reconciled and for you to receive eternal life. God must forgive you for your offense which you are guilty of – for you and God to have a healthy relationship and for you to be in right standing with Him.

Did God forgive you unconditionally? Or did God forgive you based upon something that you had to do – is His forgiveness conditional?

God does not forgive everyone. Why? The Bible teaches that some people will go to an eternal destination of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth (Matt. 13:41-50). But why?

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-Mark (thankful for God’s forgiveness of my sins against Him)